Unit Name: Ryukoou
Model Number: SRG-03D
Height: 49.9 Meters
Weight: 158.0 Tons
Pilot: Ryuuma Tougou, Wen Li, Kusuha Mizuha, Brooklyn Luckfield
Weapons: Baraifu, Mountain Pressure, Magma Vasarl, Ryu Ou Hazan Ken, Ryu Ou Hazan Ken: Tenma Koufuku Zan, and Ryu Ou Hazan Ken: Gekirindan.

It's the completed Choukijin form when Ryuouki combines over Koouki. Its current pilot is Kusuha Mizuha, who was chosen by Ryukoou itself.

It was unearthed by the ancient Chinese statesmen-craftsmen-philosophers, Mo-Zhi and Gongsu Ban, who improved upon it, giving it the form it has today. Also, it seems that around this point in time, the people of La Gias made contact with them, trading knowledge of alchemy. It is for this reason that Ryukoou's form bears a resemblence to later Masouki. In addition, while Ryukoou has a soul of its own and autonomous thinking circuitry, despite its intellectual personality, when someone attacks the "Imperial Wrath" armor around its throat, it flies into a rage and its attack power skyrockets.

While it can function independently, unless it accepts a Psychodriver within it to handle control functions, its main power source, the perpetual motion system containing the five elements will not be able to function to its fullest, making it unable to utilize most of its potential. When a non-Psychodriver puts the five elements into motion, it gradually chips away at their life and soul.

It was later excavated by a leading authority on ancient technology, Dr. Eri Anzai, in the Chinese Shiyuuzuka mountainous region. This time, upon its revival, it absorbed into itself the Grungust Type-3's T-LINK System, Cracker Engine, and Telekinetic Field. In comparison to its counterpart, Koryuou, it boasts tremendous offensive capabilities, as well as adaptibility to both air and sea combat. While it runs on a perpetual motion system, for its attacks it requires sacramental water (water mixed with the ashes of burned talismans) as fuel. The armor is hardened via magical means, but it's not as though this could be done with just paper.

For the sake of convenience, it was given the model designation SRG-03D.

Ryukoou rear
Ryukoou transformation 1
Ryukoou transformation 2