Unit Name: Schutzwald
Model Number: PTX-004-1~3
Height: 20.4 Meters
Weight: 86.1 Tons
Pilot: Raidis F Branstein, Rada Bairaban
Weapons: Vulcan, Neo Plasma Cutter, 3-Barrel Machine Cannon, G Railgun, and Twin Beam Cannon

It was the first PT that was developed by Mao Industries after the Gespenst series. It differed greatly from the Gespensts due to its excellent long ranged abilities.

Because the production cost was so high, and the maitenence was so difficult, the plans to mass produce it were cancelled. Only three units exist. Unit 01 was sent to the SRX Team in order to gather the data needed for the R-2, while Unit 02 was used by Radha.

It's the prototype for the R-2.

Schutzwald (Radha Colors)
Schutzwald rear