Unit Name: Septuagint
Model Number: Unknown
Height: Unknown
Weight: Unknown
Pilot: Unknown
Weapons: Unknown

It's the third meteor that fell to the Earth, and it was sent by the Balmar Empire. Bian Zoldark investigated it, and found out that it was artificial. The Earth then became aware of the aliens, and organizations like the DC and EOTI were created. Many new types of technology were created from it, and they were called EOT. The recognition code given to it by the Earth Forces is "Meteor 3."

It's later discovered that when an enemy civilization shows great war potential, such as destroying Judecca, the Balmar Empire will declare them a threat and order it to be eliminated. The Zehirut Crystal reformed and combined with the meteorite that fell, Meteor 3. It's name is Septuagint, the final invader.