Unit Name: Shin Ryukoou
Model Number: Unknown
Height: 54.4 Meters
Weight: 170.1 Tons
Pilot: Kusuha Mizuha, Brooklyn Luckfield
Weapons: Ryuou Haja Gan, Shinjintetsu Nyoi Kinkoubou, Ryuou Izanhou, Ryuou Gekirin Kou, and Shijin Shinka Hakkejin.

Shin Ryukoou is the result of the Choukijin hearing Kusuha and Bullet's wishes on the battlefield. It's a combination of both Ryuouki and Koouki, in addition to the long dead Jakuouki and Buouki. Although it's similar in concept to Shijin Shoukon Ryukoou, it's vastly different in both design and weapons.

Due to Bullet being comatose during its awakening, it was only capable of being in the Shin Ryukoou mode. After Bullet awoke, it was capable of transforming into Shin Koryuou.

Shin Ryukoou rear