Unit Name: Ryuouki (Shin Ryuouki)
Model Number: Unknown
Height: Unknown
Weight: Unknown
Pilot: Son Ganlong
Weapons: Ryuou Raishou, Ryuou Goraishou, and Ryuurin Ranbu Jin.

It's the strongest dragon type Choukijin, and it belongs to the Shirei class. It bears the form of the Ouryu, the mythical Chinese dragon. Son Ganlong calls Shirei Ryuouki "Shin Ryuouki" due to it being the true dragon.

Shirei Ryuouki fell into a deep sleep after the Choukijin Wars, but it was later revived due to the help of 436 Psychodrivers.

It went into battle against Ryukoou, and it managed to overwhelm it due to its size and power. It was defeated after Ryukoou received help from the other two Shijin Choukijin, Jakuouki and Buouki.

It later fights again during the Balmar War, but due to it missing its Dragon Orb, it wasn't at its full potential.

Its Ryuurin Ranbu Jin is an attack that uses its own scales to summon an infinite amount of Ryuurinki to attack its target.