Unit Name: Solgady
Model Number: Unknown
Height: 28.4 Meters
Weight: 38.4 Tons
Pilot: Ahamud Hamdi
Weapons Before Strengthening: Death Cutter, Beam Cannon, Giga Sort Cannon, Mega Beam Cannon, Hyper Railgun, Sandstorm, and Shahannam.
Weapons After Strengthening: Twin Cannon, Death Cutter, Giga Sort Cannon, Sandstorm, and Azurail.

It's a strong Masouki that specializes in strategic combat. It's been blessed with protection from Soreid, the spirit of Sandstorm. It has good mobility, but isn't very good at close ranged combat because of its weak armor. It's piloted by Ahamud Hamdi, and later becomes mass produced.

Solgady rear
Solgady Battle Stance