Unit Name: Soulgain
Model Number: EG-X
Height: 41.2 Meters
Weight: 129.8 Tons
Pilot: Axel Arma
Weapons: Armor Breaker, Weapon Breaker, Seiryuuin, Byakko Kou, Genbu Goudan, Mai Suzaku, and Kirin.

It was developed by Tesla Leicht Institute in another world. It's nicknamed "Mustache Man" because of the face armor that resembles a mustache.

The Soulgain is a powerful Super Robot that uses the life energy of its pilot as a source of power to unleash vicious attacks. It's equipped with the Direct Feedback System, which allows the pilot to control it using his own movements. It has excellent combat abilities, and is oftenly capable of destroying its enemies within one blow.

It was first seen fighting the Aerogators during Operation SRW, by Guilliam Yeager, but it disappeared soon after. It was badly damaged, and couldn't be repaired until the rest of the Shadow Mirror forces arrived.

The Soulgain is possibly a customized Earthgain.

Soulgain rear
Soulgain side
Soulgain hands and legs
Soulgain head