Unit Name: Soul Lancer
Model Number: Unknown
Height: 18.2 Meters
/F Height: 25.5 Meters
Weight: 76.2 Tons
/F Weight: 76.2 Tons
Pilot: Akimi Akatsuki, Akimi Akatsuki
Weapons: Rist Vulcan, Storm Blaster, Cloud Sword, and Double Blast Attack.
/F Weapons: Vulcan, Storm Blaster, and Misile.

It was stolen by Fairey from Gadi Sword, and is Soul Gunner's prototype model. It was damaged badly when it was brought to Earth, though it was repaired using the data gathered from Soul Gunner. It's equipped with the C.U.B.E./X.E.N.O.N. Engine. It's capable of high speed movement, and is even able to transform.

It's very similar to Cloud Harken in looks, attacks, and its transformation mode.

Soul Lancer rear
Soul Lancer rear 2
Soul Lancer/F
Soul Lancer/F rear
Soul Lancer/F misc