Unit Name: SRX (Super Robot X-Type)
Model Number: SRX-00
Height: 51.2 Meters
Weight: 388.8 Tons
Pilot: Ryuusei Date, Raides F Branstein, Aya Kobayashi
Weapons: Blade Kick, Hi Finger Launcher, Dominion Ball, Tenjou Tenga Mutekiken, Goun Genocider, Zine Knuckle, and Tenjou Tenga Nendou Bakusaiken.

It's the ultimate general purpose PT developed for the SRX Team. It's formed when "Formation OOC" is activated, causing R-1, R-2 Powered, and R-3 Powered to combine into one machine. It has three pilots; Ryuusei Date, Raides F. Branstein, and Aya Kobayashi. Each of them take control of various parts of the unit. It's a machine that was developed by using knowledge obtained from all types of technology know-how, such as the Gespenst series and the Huckebein series.

It's capable of flight due to it being equipped with the T-Link system, and is even able to form barriers, enabling it to block minor attacks. This machine was developed with the concept of creating a new unit that has features of both super robots and real robots, and to change the situation of the war by combining the three machines into a single powerful unit.

If the Tronium engine is used at full output, then it will explode. It can also combine with the R-Gun Powered, enabling it to use its strongest attack, Tenjou Tenga Ichigeki Hissatsu Hou. When the Uranus System is activated it can tell the pilots life signs and damage situation, though it's also very dangerous due to the fact that if it gets overloaded with psychic energy, it may cause the pilots brain to collapse.

This SRX is a prototype of the true SRX which will be created in the future, and will be piloted by three Psychodriver pilots.

It merges with Astranagant in another reality, causing it to form DiSRX.

SRX rear
Various Poses