Unit Name: Valhawk
Model Number: Unknown
Height: 32.8 Meters
Weight: 61.4 Tons
Pilot: Kazuma Ardygun (Main Pilot), Mihiro Ardygun (Sub Pilot)
Weapons: Laser Vulcan, Beam Shot Launcher, Ray Blade, Plasma Execution and Jade Flowsion.
Weapons in Air Force Mode: Laser Vulcan, Beam Shot Launcher, and Heat Edge Exploder.

It's a transformable machine that is piloted by two people. Its main mode is called "Cross Combat Mode," and this is its default battle mode. It also has a high speed flight mode which is called "Air Force Mode." Its main source of power is a Proton Drive, and it's capable of combining with the Valstork using a battle formation called "Pattern Cross."

It was created by Bless after he was sent a 15 billion years into the past. It was produced after they found the blueprints hidden on the Valstork.

Valhawk Air Force Mode