Unit Name: Valsion Kai
Model Number: DCSMH-01C
Height: 57.0 Meters
Weight: 55.0 Tons
Pilot: Tenzan Nakajima, Tempest Hawker, Schine Hauzen
Weapons: Energy Drain, Chaff Grenade, Divine Arm, Big Bang Wave, Mega Graviton Wave, Mega Flasher, and Cross Smasher.

It's a mass-produced machine that was based off of Bian's Valsion, and was produced by DC remnants. Only three of them were created. It has a Tesla Drive and Gravity Controller just like the Valsion. It's installed with the special man-machine interface, the GEIM System, by Adler Koch. The GEIM System enhances all of its pilots senses, including the ability to process data. The GEIM System may take over its pilots will though, and it did to two of them.

Valsion rear