Unit Name: Volkruss
Model Number: Unknown
Height Completed: 1212 Meters
Height Top: 875 Meters
Height Bottom: 986 Meters
Weight Completed: 6540 Tons
Weight Top: 2900.1 Tons
Weight Bottom: 3200.1 Tons

Pilot: Unknown
Weapons: Hyper Sonic Wave

It's an evil god which exists within La Gias. It's known as Volkruss, the Destroyer. It can only be resurrected during a great conflict. Luozorl wished to resurrect it once again. Shuu wanted Volkruss to be revived so that he could destroy it once and for all, and be free once more. It has the ability to grow in size. It also has power that is equivalent to an A Class Masouki, though it's inferior to the main body of Volkruss. Its armor and durability are very high.

Volkruss rear