Unit Name: Weissritter
Model Number: PTX-007-03C
Height: 21.7 Meters
Weight: 60.3 Tons
Pilot: Excellen Browning
Weapons: Split Missile, Neo Plasma Cutter, 3-Barrel Beam Cannon, Ochstan Launcher E-Mode, Ochstan Launcher B-Mode, and Ochstan Launcher W-Mode.

It's a customized PTX-007-3 Gespenst MK-II, developed for the ATX Team's PT Enhancement Plan.

It's equipped with a Tesla Drive which was created at Tesla Leicht Institute. With it, it's capable of flight, as well as speed and mobility greater than the DC's Lion series. Due to its high speed nature, it sacrificed much of its armor during the development process.

Its main weapon, the Ochstan Launcher, is capable of firing both beam and solid shots, resulting in superior efficiency in long-range combat.

Similarly to the Alt Eisen, it was deemed to expensive to mass produce. Weissritter means "White Knight" in German.

Weissritter rear