Unit Name: Werkbau
Model Number: Unknown
Height: 19.3 Meters
Weight: 42.8 Tons
Pilot: Cobray Gordon
Weapons: Twin Raam Rifle, Gun Slave, Emet Asher, and Axion Buster.

It's a robot of mystery. It excells in long ranged combat, and is powered by Dis Lev, though the details of it are unknown. It was formed when Ayin Barshem, a member of the Golar Golem forces, was on a mission with his Varuch Ben. It got seriously damaged, and ended up merging with the Astranagant. Its weapons are very similar to Astranagant and R-Gun Rivale's. It has the Axion Buster which emerges from its chest plates, and even has similar remote weapons.

Werkbau rear
Twin Raam Rifle
Gun Slave
Emet Asher
Axion Buster