Unit Name: Wildfalken R
Model Number: PTX-016-R
Height: 21.7 Meters
Weight: 50.0 Tons
Pilot: Seolla Schweitzer, Latun Subbota
Weapons: Twin Vulcan, Split Missile H, Roshe Saber, Ochstan Rifle, and Ochstan Rifle W

This experimental machine, which was created by Mao Industries, is the sucessor of the Weissritter. It's equipped with a Tesla Drive and features top class mobility for a PT.

Its main weapons are the Ochstan Rifles, which use the ball cartridge and energy beam properly. It works well with the Wildwuerger for high speed combo attacks.

It was siezed from the EF by Seolla Schweitzer, who belonged to the DC remnants.

Wildfalken rear
Wildfalken detached wings rear
Ochstan Rifle