Unit Name: Wildrauptier
Model Number: PTX-006-R/L
Height: 17.9 Meters
Weight: 55.1 Tons
Pilot: Kyosuke Nanbu (L), Ryuusei Date (L), Latun Subbota (L)
Weapons: Tackle, Cold-Metal Knife, and Hyper Beam Rifle
Weapons FM Mode: A-A Homing Missile, A-G Homing Missile, Low-Altitude Linear Bombs, and Under Cannon

It was developed by Mao Industries, and is also the first transformable PT. There were two units developed, the R and L models.

It was created in order to cover air combat, which the Schutzwald and Gespensts couldn't do. Its air combat abilities are excellent due to the fact that it can transform into its FM flyer mode. However, various problems concerning transformation while in the air couldn't be solved, causng the L unit to be seriously damaged while Kyosuke Nanbu was testing it.

It was later repaired using parts from the R unit, and it became Ryuusei Date's unit during the DC War. The data gathered from it was used in the R-1's creation, making it the prototype of the R-1.

Wildrauptier rear
FM Mode
FM Mode Under Cannon
Hyper Beam Rifle