Unit Name: Wildschwein
Model Number: PTX-005
Height: 23.2 Meters
Weight: 79.4 Tons
Pilot: Ingram Plisken
Weapons: M950 Machine Gun, M13 Shotgun, Photon Rifle (Divine Wars only), Beam Sword, and Circle Zanber

This unit was created in order to improve upon the close ranged combat ability and variation in weapons of the Gespenst R. It was supposed to be mass produced, but due to the high costs in its creation, they instead used the units data for the Gespenst MK-II.

It served as the prototype for the Huckebein series, in both design and weapons. Its Circle Zanber is a protype of the Huckebein's Rip Slasher.

It was Ingram's personal machine since his time with the PTX Team. After he defected, Ryouto Hikawa piloted it, and later Viletta Badam.

Wildschwein rear