Unit Name: Wildwuerger R
Model Number: PTX-015-R
Height: 20.6 Meters
Weight: 56.9 Tons
Pilot: Arado Balanga
Weapons: 3-Barrel Gatling Cannon, M90 Assault Machine Gun, Cold Metal Sword, Stag Beetle Crusher, and Victim Beak.

It's an experimental PT developed at Mao Industries by Dr. Marion Radom and Dr. Kirk Hamill. It was developed simultaneously with the Wild Falken. It's the successor to the Alt Eisen, and improves upon its mobility and armor issues. It uses the GII frame from the Gespenst series, and is equipped with a Tesla Drive. EOT was not used in the unit's creation.

It has a special feature that allows it to purge its Jacket Armor, enabling it to enter a high mobility mode. It also has a unique system that allows it and the Wild Falken to engage in a combined attack pattern.

The weapons were designed based on Arado's fighting style, which borrowed information gathered from Ryuusei, Kyosuke, and Katina.

Wildwuerger rear
Wildwuerger detached armor
Wildwuerger detached armor wings spread
M90 Assault Machine Gun
Cold Metal Sword
3-Barrel Gatling Cannon
Stag Beetle Crusher