Unit Name: Zamzeed
Model Number: Unknown
Height: 28.4 Meters
Weight: 40.5 Tons
Pilot: Ricardo Silveri, Mio Sasuga
Weapons Before Strengthening: Resonance Quake, Plasma Sword, Familiar, Boost Knuckle, Linear Railgun, and Anti-Air Missile.
Weapons After Strengthening: Resonance Quake, Hyper Plasma Sword, Hi-Familiar, Chou Shindou Ken, Linear Railgun, Cassini no Kangeki, and Gorounyuudou Masamune.

It's one of Langran's four Masoukishin, and is also one of the seventeen Masouki that were designed to fight against the revival of Volkruss and its minions. It's been blessed with protection from the Earth class' Saint Grade spirit, Zamzu. It's a Masou Kishin designed for heavy combat, and is heavily armored.

The Zamzeed was once piloted by Ricardo Silvera, the original herald of Zamzu, but Ricardo dies protecting Tootie from a bullet. After his death, Mio Sasuga pilots Zamzeed as Zamzu's new herald, despite Masaki and Tootie's objections.

Zamzeed rear
Zamzeed misc