Unit Name: Zechariah
Model Number: AGX-07
Height: 20.6 Meters
Weight: 30.1 Tons
Pilot: Unknown
Weapons: Photon Vulcan, Laser Blade, Geist Blow, and Optical Rifle.

It's a humanoid unit that was developed by the Aerogators. It's skilled in close combat, and is the leading manned unit, though it's possible to operate it with an autonomous circuit, too. When it encounters a civilization that the Megillots can't deal with, it's sent to the front lines.

Even though its attack power is not that high, it features high mobility and is good for most general purposes. It has been in production for over 200 years and is currently on its 19th model, improving every time.

The serial number given to it from the Earth Forces is AGX-07, and it's recognition code is "Soldier."