Unit Name: Zehirut
Model Number: AGX-17
Height: 67.2 Meters
Weight: 523.1 Tons
Pilot: Laodicea
Weapons: Cross Blade, Hexagram, Auld Laser, Omega Wave, and Zehn Gebote.

It's a machine developed by the Aerogators, and is in the form of the Balmar Empire's god, Zehirut. It was created when they fell into an unknown civilization and went to war. Usually, it's part of the Empire's flagship, the Hermodr's, central system. The Zehirut Crystal, which is located in the main body, contains an autonomous metal cell that became the core energy. Its core links with the surveillance machines, the Megillots, which were imbedded with the Zehirut Crystals. The weapon data which it deemed as hostile is sent to Zehirut. The data is then analyzed, and Zehirut will raise the abilities of itself accordingly. In other words, the stronger and more hostile the civilization is towards the Balmar Empire, then the stronger it will become. However, because a considerable amount of time is put into the information gathering, analysis, and self-evolution, it's almost impossible to have a perfect military sortie. Judecca was developed because of this.

Even if only a tiny shard of the Zehirut Crystal exists, it will still be able to self-reproduce the machines and the pilots in a short amount of time. The quantum wave motion engine is used by this unit, as well as Judecca and Astranagant. At the moment, seven Zehiruts exist. When two or more Zehiruts appear to fight, they release the limiter of the Zehirut Crystal, allowing it to reproduce copies of itself. Its strongest attack is Zehn Gebote, Ten Commandments. The power of the god Zehirut was to possess the beginning of the world and to deliver divine punishment. The recognition code given to it by the Earth Forces is the "Nightmare Crystal."

The Zehirut has the ability to change its form completely. It took the form of a large warship while it was battling against the Zentraedi Fleet, and it also took the form of a head while fighting against the Alpha Numbers.