Unit Name: Zehirut Eved
Model Number: Unknown
Height: Unknown
Weight: Unknown
Pilot: Ephesus Judecca Gozzo, Philadelphia Judecca Gozzo, Sardis Judecca Gozzo
Weapons: Auld Laser, Meth Hazon, and Zehn Gebote.

It's nearly the same as the unit that appeared during Aerogators' campaign. It's a mass-area destroying type weapon, and has evolved from the original. Its face and shape are vastly different from the original Zehirut. It's oftenly thought of as a mobile fortress rather than a mobile weapon due to its large size.

The first fleet's Zehirut Eved was destroyed by the Alpha Numbers while in battle at Mars.

In addition, the fifth and sixth fleets also have Zehirut Eveds in their possession.