Old Updates

Orochi Kusanagi - 11/01/08 - A.C.E. 3 Originals Added
Profiles for all of the A.C.E. 3 characters and mechs have been added. For characters there are Angie, Barrel, Berkt, Fey, and Jill. The mechs can be found under the misc. section along with the other A.C.E. units.

Orochi Kusanagi - 09/01/08 - SRWZ Originals Added
I've added profiles for the originals that are featured in Z. For characters, they are Asakim, Denzel, Mail, Rand, Setsuko, Toby, and Tsine. The mecha can be found under the misc. section for now, and they are Balgora, Eliphas, Gunleon, and Shurouga.

Orochi Kusanagi - 08/24/08 - Art Updates
Great Compatible Kaiser has art in its profile, as well as new profiles for Arkgain under the Endless Frontier units. I've also added pages for the three enemy boss units from Super Robot Pinball, Desta, Orv, and Pushkel. Thanks to Isaac, G Thunder Gate and the Bartool now have new art as well.

Orochi Kusanagi - 05/28/08 - Minor Profile and Art Updates
I've updated Shouko and Fighter Emmy's pages as well as Compatible Kaiser, G-Thunder Gate, and G-Compatible Kaiser's pages. They've also received more art.

Orochi Kusanagi - 04/17/08 - Art Updates
I've updated Axel, Alchimie, and Lamia's profiles with some new art, and I've also updated the timeline section.

And with a big thanks to Isaac Joule, I've added custom colored linearts for both Judeccas and all of the Inspectors' mechs.

Orochi Kusanagi - 04/02/08 - New Endless Frontier Profiles
I've added profiles for Anne, Bonny, Ezel, Henne, Kaldia, Katze, Kyon, Otone, and Shuten, as well as updating Aschen's profile slightly. The meanings page was also updated with some EF related words.

Orochi Kusanagi - 03/05/08 - R Profiles Updated
I've made some changes to Dunamis' profile, there are now two of them (Dunamis 3 (OGG) and Duminas (R)). Tis, Lalia, and Despinis' profiles were updated as well, along with Dark Brain having a page now. I've also updated the meaning section with Technici Paides.

I realize that there have been a lack of updates recently, but I promise things will be getting back to normal now.

Orochi Kusanagi - 01/25/08 - Endless Frontier Profiles Added
I've added profiles for all of the units and characters from Endless Frontier. The characters include Aschen, Haken, Kaguya, and Suzuka. The mecha include Phantom, Nacht, Abend, and Jyaki-GUN-Oh, which can be found in the misc. section.. They all have art too, thanks to Zechs Merquise.

Orochi Kusanagi - 01/19/08 - Shura Profiles Updated
I've updated all of the Shura character and mecha profiles, and have also added new lineart to their pages. I've also added pages for the new Shura units, Grimoire and Sitri. I've also updated the MX characters' profiles, and added pages for the new Gespenst MK-II Kai units. Thanks to iron2000, Grimoire and Sitri's profiles have their sprites added. And thanks to Homeless for Albero's Gespenst MK-II M and Gespenst Kai lineart.

Orochi Kusanagi - 12/15/07 - Minor Updates
I've updated some appearance listings in various profiles, and I've corrected some names. I've also updated the terms and meanings pages as well, and the Gespenst MK-II M Kai now has a page of its own.

Orochi Kusanagi - 11/25/07 - New Sprites and Art Added
Thanks to iron2000, I've added sprites of Garmraid Blaze, Medius Locus (all three forms), and Weiss Saber to their profiles. Astranagant also has art added to its profile, thanks to Zechs Merquise.

Orochi Kusanagi - 11/20/07 - Various Manga Profiles Added
I've updated and added art for Einst Knochen and Einst Glied. I've also added profiles for Guarlion Testbed, Ijin and Jouyou (can be found under the Choukijin section), R-Eins Kachirami Teppoudama Custom, and Space Flounder (can be found under the misc. section).

Orochi Kusanagi - 11/01/07 - MX Profiles Added and Updated
I've edited and added all MX profiles, completing both the characters and the mecha. The characters that have had their profiles updated are Hugo, Aqua, Albero, Erde, Folia, AI1, and Mitarl. All of the mecha pages (which can be found in the misc. section) have been updated too. I've also added various MX terms and meanings to the dictionary section as well.

I've also added a profile for the Weiss Saber, which can be found under the Shadow Mirror section.

Orochi Kusanagi - 10/22/07 - Various Profiles Updated and Added
I've updated Axel, Vindel, Lemon, Lee, Guilliam, Irm, Egret, Ansuz, Uruz, and Thurisaz's profiles, along with new linearts for all of them.

I've also added new profiles for Ing Egret and Ana Stasia, as well as Ana's machine, Getviewm.

Orochi Kusanagi - 10/11/07 - RRBL Profiles Added
I've added new profiles for all characters and mecha found in Real Robot Battle Line. The mecha can be found in the misc section, and include the following; Choir Granata, Carion Infinite, Choir Armed, Choir Boost, Choir Cannon, Choir Demonic, Choir Evolution, Choir Fighter, Choir Boost, Juggernaut, Mother Duplicator, Serenade, Shikanna Shin, Silverado, Valkyrie, and Winjewel.

The characters profiles include Chashiki, Doc, Eledrile, Elijah, Georgie, Glen, Lazlo, Legi, Marou, Musica, Ralph, Roche, Warren, Wiz, and Zeek.

With a tremendous thanks to Zechs Merquise, all of the profiles have cleaned up lineart.

Orochi Kusanagi - 10/02/07 - Several Profiles Updated
I've corrected a few names in the Choukijin section, as well as adding and updating profiles for all of the Shijin Choukijin, Shirei Choukijin, and Koukijin. Several other profiles have been updated too, such as R-1 Kai, Calion, Altairlion, Vegalion, Hyperlion, Arblade Custom, AM Gunner, Huckebein Gunner, Huckebein Boxer, Huckebein Trombe, and Huckebein MK-III Trombe.

For characters, all of the Compact 3 profiles have been updated.

Orochi Kusanagi - 09/22/07 - D Profiles Added and Updated
All of the characters and mecha from D have had their profiles added/updated. For characters, these include Aquila, Clifford, Contagio, Felio, Glacies, Ignis, Josh, Perfectio, Rim, Umbra, and Ventus. For mecha there's Aile Chevalier, Angelus, Angelus S, Belgrande, Belgrande S, Blanche Neige, Dea Blanche Neige, Fabularis, Fatum, Forte Gigas, Fortis Ala, Ganador, Geant Chevalier, Impetus, Priscus Nox, Skull Plume, Skull Plume S, Strega, Studium, and Violaceum. The terms and meaning pages have been updated with D information, too.

I've also added profiles for Schwert, Schwert Kai, Lanzen, Lanzen Kai, and the Waldung, all of which can be found under the misc mecha section. And thanks to Mu-chan, I've updated the JAM Project page.

Orochi Kusanagi - 09/16/07 - 64 Enemies Updated
I've added profiles for the Al-E-Quis, the enemies from SRW 64. For characters there's Val-A, Avie-Lu, and J-Len. For mecha there's Avieslelm, Jclaps, and Valdiscuse. I've also added a new beam sword lineart for the Huckebein MK-II thanks to Bright Noa.

Orochi Kusanagi - 09/08/07 - More Mecha Updates
I've updated 53 mecha profiles today, and they include the following; Armorlion, Ashsaber, Mass Production Model Ashsaber, Astelion, Astelion AX, Aussenseiter, Barrelion, Calion, Compatible Kaiser, Cybuster, Daizengar, Excellence C, Excellence F, Excellence S, Ezekiel, Fairlion, Fylgja, Giganscudo, Giganscudo Duro, Granzon, Grungust Type-0, Grungust, Grungust Type-2, Grungust Type-2 M, Grungust Type-3, Guarlion, Guarlion C, Habakkuk, Hagane, Hiryuu Kai, Killer Whale, Koouki, Koryuou, Kurogane, Lion, Cosmolion, Sealion, Landlion, Mironga, Rapiecage, R-Eins, Ryukoou, Ryuoouki, Shirogane, Sieguarlion, Sorpresa, Soulgain, Stork, Thrudgelmir, Trilobite, Wildrauptier, Wildschwein, and Zechariah.

I've also updated all of their profiles with new linearts, totaling in 125 new pieces.

Orochi Kusanagi - 09/02/07 - Not an Update
It has come to my attention that my linearts are being used on other site's profiles, like Wikipedia, without my consent. Please don't do that, especially without asking me. It takes time to clean up all of these images, so I hope you all understand.

Orochi Kusanagi - 08/14/07 - New OGs Profiles
I've updated Kohta, Shouko, Kisaburo, Fighter Roar, Warrior Roar, and Emi's profiles for characters. For mecha, Compatible Kaiser, G Thundergate, and Valsione were updated.

Orochi Kusanagi - 08/04/07 - R Updates
I've updated all of the R mecha and character profiles, which include Despinis, Dunamis, Fiona, Lalia, Mizuho, Raji, Raul, and Tis for characters; and all of the mecha in the R section. I've also updated the dictionary with the meanings of all the R mecha/characters.

Also, thanks to LegoTechnic, I've updated Earthgain, Vairose, Super Earthgain, Brad, and Katz's profiles.

Orochi Kusanagi - 07/18/07 - Lots of Linearts Updated
Alt Eisen, Angelg, Arblade, Gespensts (all of them), R-1, R-2, R-2P. R-3, R-3P, R-Gun, R-Gun Powered, Schutzwald, Valsion, Valsione, SRX, Weissritter, Rein Weissritter, Wild Falken, and Wild Wuerger all have higher quality linearts, and have had their profiles updated. Also, thanks to Homeless, Ezekiel Adom, Lavan, and Sagol have new lineart too.

Orochi Kusanagi - 07/06/07 - Lots of OGs Updates
I've updated over 30 mecha profiles today. Most of the Einst, Inspectors', Lions, and Shadow Mirror profiles have been updated and have had their height and weight added. I've added a page for Giganspada and the Mass Production Model Giganspada which can be found under the misc section. Thanks to Homeless, I've added new custom lineart for Valsion Kai and the MP Giganspada. I've also put up new art for ART-1, Gespenst Type-RV, and Giganspada.

For characters, I've updated Alchimie and Neue Regisseur's profiles. I've also added the new character themes for Kai, Leona, Rio, Rishu, and Ryoto thanks to Bright Noa.

Orochi Kusanagi - 07/01/07 - Two Year Anniversary!
It's been two years now since I created this site, and I just want to thank everyone that has given me their support by sending in profiles, information, and pictures. And now onto some actual updates:

I've added profiles for Cosmolion, Landlion, and Sealion. I've also updated more profiles with their voice actors.

Orochi Kusanagi - 06/29/07 - Voice Actors Added
I've updated quite a few profiles with their voice actors, thanks to Bright Noa. I've also corrected a few broken links, updated Thomas' profile, and added new art for Folka and Ialdabaoth. Expect some OGs related updates soon.

Orochi Kusanagi - 06/22/07 - New Profiles Updated
Thanks to Gabriel, I've updated Hagane, Shirogane, and Hiryuu Kai's profiles. In addition to that, I've updated the Shadow Mirror character profiles, which include Axel, Echidna, Lamia, Lemon, Vindel, and Wodan. I've also corrected some errors in several different profiles.

Orochi Kusanagi - 06/12/07 - New Sprites Added
I've updated the SRWJ sprites section with all of the Tekkaman Blade sprites I've ripped. There are over 150 of them. I also fixed the G Gundam sprite links.

Orochi Kusanagi - 05/28/07 - LotE Character Updates
With a big thanks to Bright Noa, I've updated the following profiles with many new linearts; Aguija, Huang, Masaki, Mekibos, Mio, Ryuune, Shuu, Sikalog, Tytti, Vigagi, and Wendolo. All of their profiles have also been updated with information.

Orochi Kusanagi - 05/06/07 - Corrections
I've corrected an error found in Wild Wuerger's profile, thanks to The Golux, and I also updated it slightly. Also, thanks to Homeless, I corrected an error in the dictionary section, and added Soulgain's height to its page.

Orochi Kusanagi - 05/02/07 - New Sprites Added
I've updated the J sprites section with sprites from Full Metal Panic!

Orochi Kusanagi - 04/27/07 - More W Updates
I added a profile for Yuumi Ardygun, and updated all of the mecha profiles with their height/weight thanks to Kuruni. I've also added the two groups (Waerter and Neue Waerter) to the terms section.

Orochi Kusanagi - 04/16/07 - W Profile Updates
I've updated all of the character and mecha profiles, and have updated all of the character profiles with art, in additon to adding a profile for Gurrent Caberinario. All of the mecha profiles (minus Arm Arcus Finis, Arm Stora Finis, and Sapientia) have art in their profiles now too, thanks to Kuruni.

Orochi Kusanagi - 04/14/07 - Compact 3 Updates
I've updated all of the Compact 3 character and mecha profiles. The characters updated are Alion, Altis, Arko, Fernando, Folka, Magnus, Maysis, Mizal, and the Shura King. The mecha profiles include Agares, Andras, Berith, Extim, Flauros, Glasyalabolas, Halphas, Ialdabaoth, Ialdabaoth (Apotheosized), Mardikt, Peirines, Raha Extim, Valefar, and Valefar (Apotheosized); they've also been given their own section now. Thanks to Zechs Merquise for fixing Valefar's lineart, and Aussenseiter for sending in the booklet scans of all of the characters.

Orochi Kusanagi - 04/04/07 - New Sprites Added
I've updated the J sprites section with all of the G Gundam character and mecha sprites, totaling in 178 new sprites.

Orochi Kusanagi - 03/30/07 - Corrections and Profile Updates
I've updated Alchimie, Neue Regisseur, Maier, Lily, Julia, and Siebel's profiles. I've also updated SRX's profile, and added a profile for DiSRX.

Orochi Kusanagi - 03/20/07 - Corrections
I've fixed a few broken links, and corrected an error on the Bergelmir's profile thanks to Bright Noa.

Orochi Kusanagi - 03/18/07 - More Linearts
I've updated a bunch of the LotE profiles with a ton of new linearts, 75 in total. I've also updated the Inspectors' units with linearts.

Orochi Kusanagi - 03/16/07 - Lineart Updates
With a big thanks to monstergundam, I've added lineart of all the A.C.E. units. Arm Arcus, Arm Stora, Valguard, and Valzacard also have their sprites added to their profiles now, in addition to Aria's profile having art, thanks to Kiryu-Sushi-X.

Orochi Kusanagi - 03/14/07 - Tons of W Related Updates
I've added a new section for the W mecha, and I've added and updated all of the mecha and character profiles. For mecha, these include the following; Arm Arcus, Arm Arcus Finis, Arm Stora, Arm Stora Finis, Ohpus, Reus, Sapientia, Scientia, Stoma, Valarm, Valguard, Valhawk, Valstork, and Valzacard. For characters, there are the following; Akane Ardygun, Applicant, Aria Advance, Blessfield Ardygun, Critic, Deceiver, Carret, Horis Horaian, Inference, Kazuma Ardygun, Mihiro Ardygun, Regulate, and Shihomi Ardygun. I've also updated the terms section with terms relating to the game.

I've also taken away the Mass Produced and Ancestors sections. The Ancestors' units can be found under the misc. section, while the various mass produced machines can be found in the respective sections (Gespenst MK-II M in the PT section, etc).

Orochi Kusanagi - 03/09/07 - More Sprites Added
I've added all of Banpresto Originals to the SRW J sprite section. I've also changed the formatting on all of the sprite pages slightly.

Orochi Kusanagi - 03/06/07 - LotE Updates
I've finished updating all of the LOTE mecha profiles, and I've updated Garnet and Giada's profiles.

Orochi Kusanagi - 02/28/07 - LotE Updates
I've updated all units' profiles listed under The Holy Kingdom of Langran, and Shin Nagzadd's profile. Some also have new linearts. I also re-arranged the Followers of Volkruss section a little bit.

Orochi Kusanagi - 02/26/07 - Various Profile Updates
Thanks to Kuruni, I've added linearts for Ashsaber, Soulgain, Excellence Flyer, and Magarga. I've also added art for Esrim, Esrim Rosh, Haggai, Haggai Yad, and Shemuel. As usual, all of their profiles have been updated, too. I've also updated the mecha listings seperated by games again.

Also something to note, you may notice some profiles in the LotE section aren't working at the moment. That's because I made the full unit list, and am still in the process of updating all of their profiles. They'll all be up soon.

Orochi Kusanagi - 02/20/07 - A Minor Update
This is one that I've been meaning to do for a while, and I've received a lot of requests for. You can now search for mechs by seeing what game they appeared in by going to the timelines section, or clicking a link in the mecha section. When you click a game, it'll bring you to a page that lists all of the units that appeared in it.

It's not fully complete yet, but it has most of the games with fairly large casts. It'll be finished off within the next few updates.

Orochi Kusanagi - 02/18/07 - A.C.E. Orignals Added
I've added all of the A.C.E. and A.C.E. 2 Originals to the misc section, as well as giving Tak and Marina character profiles. I've updated Horis' art which can be found on his page. I've also updated Gildora and Gildora II's profiles.

Haggai, Haggai Yad, Mobile Fortress, and Geant Chevalier all have updated pics in their profiles as well, thanks to Kuruni. Also, thanks to Mu-chan, the JAM Project section has been updated a bit.

Orochi Kusanagi - 02/12/07 - 4/F Archetypes Updated
I've updated all of the F archetypes' profiles, which include Ring, Irm, Lenonjayce, Mina, Arwynn, Grace, Hector, and Patricia. I've added additional lineart to their profiles, as well as all of the Guest characters. I've also updated Gespenst S, Gespenst R, Gespenst MK-II R, Gespenst MK-II S, Huckebein and Grungust's profiles.

I've also updated Huckebein MK-III's profile thanks to Gabriel.

Orochi Kusanagi - 02/06/07 - GC/XO Updates
I've updated all of the GC and XO related characters and mecha. The mecha updates include Soul Gunner, Soul Gunner Storm, Soul Lancer, Soul Lancer Burst, Soul Saber (GG, GF, FG, FF), Super Soul Saber (GG, GF, FG, FF), Araunzer, Cloud Harken, Guardial Blood, Kreuz Wahrheit, and Oudai. The characters include Akimi Akatsuki (Female), Akimi Akatsuki (Male), Fairey Firefly, Helluga Izberga, Kawanishi Jinpuu, Regianne Josephine, Sally Emil, Sieg Altreet, Vort Nicholaus, and Zuiun Akatsuki. They all have art in their profiles, too, and thanks to Kuruni for submitting Soul Gunner and Soul Lancer's lineart. The terms page has also been updated with GC/XO specific terms. The GC/XO mecha now have their own section.

Orochi Kusanagi - 02/03/07 - W Art Updated
I've updated all of the W characters and mecha with higher quality art, except for Horis.

Orochi Kusanagi - 01/27/07 - W Profiles
With W being a little over a month away with its release, the originals have been revealed, and I've put up profiles for them. Character profiles include Kazuma Ardygun, Mihiro Ardygun, Shihomi Ardygun, Akane Ardygun, Blessfield Ardygun, and Horis Horaian. The mecha profiles are Valhawk and Valstork, both can be found under the misc. mecha section.

The pictures that are there currently are straight from the magazine scans. I haven't bothered cleaning them up yet, since higher quality pics will surely be out soon enough.

Orochi Kusanagi - 01/17/07 - Several Major Updates
Today's update is a rather large one. To start with, I've changed the Custos section to Garden of Baral, and the Aerogators to Ze Balmary Empire. I've updated all the units' profiles found in those sections, and I've added the rest of the Balmar mechs to their section. Geber Gan Eden also has lineart now, thanks to Kuruni.

I've also updated all of the remaining Balmarian related characters, which include the following; Ace, Atad, Baran, Calico, Cobray, Ephesus, Etzira, Euzeth, Galuin, Gaza, Hazal, Irui, Keiser Ephes, Laodicea, Levi, Luria, Pergamum, Philadelphia, Ruach, Sardis, Shiva, Smyrna, Spectra, and Thyatira.

I've also added http://srw.akurasu.net to the links section. Everyone should visit there, since it's a nice SRW related wiki.

Orochi Kusanagi - 01/11/07 - More OG Character Profiles
I've updated Elzam, Ratsel, Zengar, Kai, Tempest, Kar-Wai, Guilliam, Rishu, Jonathan, Renji, and Mitsuko's profiles.

Orochi Kusanagi - 01/02/07 - All of J Updated
I've updated some minor corrections to various profiles, and I've added linearts for Ryunpee, Dona Ryunpee, Vorlent, Raftclans, Zui Gadin (both forms), and Coustwell Brachium thanks to Kuruni (and crashandburn for the Coustwell Brachium).

I've also added lineart for all the other J mecha and characters, and I've updated all of their profiles. The characters include Al-Van, Calvina, E-Selda, Festenia, Frantz, Fu-Lu, Gu-Landon, Jua-Mu, Katia, Melua, Shana-Mia, and Touya. The mecha updates include Bellzelute, Bellzelute Brigandi, Coustwell, Coustwell Brachium, Dona Ryunpee, Ganjarl, Granteed, Granteed Dracodeus, Orgone Extractor, Raftclans, Ryunpee, Vorlent, and Zui Gadin. They've also been given their own section on the mecha page. J terms have also been added to the dictionary section.

The old news have now been moved to their own page, since it's beginning to get cluttered here. You can access the old updates below. I've also added SRW W to the timeline section.

Orochi Kusanagi - 12/17/06 - Ryukoou Denki Updates
Today's update is a rather large one. I've updated and added pages for all characters and mecha that appear in the Ryukoou Denki manga. This includes the following for characters; Ryuuma Tougou, Wen-Li, Jabez Grims, Otto, V.B., Devora, Yanshi, Son Ganlong, Fei-Li, Edward Grims, Suzuya Tougou, Quan, Miha, and Claus Branstein. For mecha I've added all of the Youkijin (which can be found under the Choukijin section), and updated all of the Choukijin's profiles.

Orochi Kusanagi - 12/09/06 - New Linearts and Profiles
I've added the remaining Guest units linearts thanks to Homeless, which include Beautrifa, Org Barrier, and Zeidram. I've also added their profiles, and updated all of the Inspectors' units profiles (I've also added Graterkin II), and all of the character profiles for the Inspectors and Guest. I've also combined the Inspectors and Guest sections into one, under the Zovorg Alliance button in the mecha section.

Orochi Kusanagi - 11/26/06 - Character Profile Updates and some Corrections
I've updated Archibald, Van, Bian, Tenzan, Hans, Adler, and Shuu's profiles. I've also corrected a bunch of other minor things in various profiles.

Orochi Kusanagi - 11/10/06 - Profiles and Corrections
I've corrected a bunch of minor errors such as updating Shuu's appearance list, and adding Masoukishin to the timeline section. I've also updated Lefina, Sean, Eun, Katina, Russel, Leona, Tasuku, and Ryuune's profiles.

Orochi Kusanagi - 11/01/06 - More Character Updates
Todays update includes updated profiles for Yuuki, Carla, Sophia, Dr. Egret, Uruz, Ansuz, and Thurisaz.

Orochi Kusanagi - 10/23/06 - More Profiles and Meanings
I've updated Ivis, Tsugumi, Srei, and Philio's profiles. I've also added the 64 units' weapons to their profiles, and added all of their meanings to the dictionary's name meanings section.

Orochi Kusanagi - 10/16/06 - 64 Originals Update
I've updated all of the 64 main characters' profiles. They include Brad, Katz, Arklight, Elrich, Selain, Reese, Manami, and Aisha. Art for them, and all of their mecha have been added, too. I've also added the correct spellings for several units, which are Sigourn->Sigrun, Noruuz->Norouz, Svanheld->Svanhild, Razgreez->Radgrid, Landgreez->Randgrid, and Laz Angrif->Radhgridhr.

Orochi Kusanagi - 10/14/06 - More Sprites Added
I've added all of my Original Generation 2 sprite rips to the sprite section. It's mostly complete, except for the enemy units. I've also updated Arad, Seolla, Latun, Ouka, and Cuervo's profiles.

Orochi Kusanagi - 10/11/06 - Misc Corrections
Thanks to Aslan, I've added a bunch of misc info, and corrected quite a few of misspellings, such as Alfimi->Alchimie, Yung->Eun, etc. I've also updated Aguila's profile.

Orochi Kusanagi - 10/10/06 - More Character Profile Updates
I've updated Kyosuke, Excellen, Kusuha, Bullet, Marion, Daitetsu, Tetsuya, and Eita's profiles. I've also added R-GUN Rivale's lineart to its profile.

Orochi Kusanagi - 10/05/06 - Character Profile Updates
I've updated all of the SRX Team members pages. They include Ryuusei, Rai, Aya, Mai, Ingram, Viletta, Kirk, Robert, and Kenzo.

Orochi Kusanagi - 09/29/06 - Sprite Updates
I added all Gundam SEED and Zeorymer related sprites from SRWJ to the sprite rip section. I've also added some new lineart thanks to Glemt Vapen. The linearts are for Dea Blanche Neige, Geant Chevalier, Aile Chevalier, and Forte Gigas.

Orochi Kusanagi - 09/26/06 - Last of the new LotE linearts
Todays update has the last of Homeless' colored linearts. They're Zamzeed, Volkruss, and Neo Granzon. Once again, their profiles have all been updated.

Orochi Kusanagi - 09/24/06 - LotE and D profiles
More updated lineart thanks to Homeless. This time they are Diablo, Goddess, Goliath, Granveil, Mobile Fortress, Solgady, Fatum, Fortis Ala, Impetus, and Priscus Nox. Their profiles were updated as usual, too.

Orochi Kusanagi - 09/21/06 - RRR and LotE
With a big thanks to Eis, I've updated the profiles for Ariel Org, Duvan Org, Flickerei Geist, Alles Geist, and added Project Idealants and Project Tsentr to the dictionary section. And once again, thanks to Homeless, I've added new colored lineart for Norse, Norse Rei, Renfa, and Rujanol Kai. Their profiles have all been updated, too.

Orochi Kusanagi - 09/16/06 - The Last of the Guest Units
I added Homeless' lineart for Geios Guld and Baran Schnail, and updated their profiles, too. I've also updated XN Geist and Guilliam's profiles.

Orochi Kusanagi - 09/12/06 - More Guest and LotE Updates
More linearts thanks to Homeless. This time they are Nagzadd, Nagrodd, Zelanio, Liege Geios, Lestrail, Baform, and Huckebein MK-II M (Seolla and Arad's Custom). Their profiles have all been updated.

Orochi Kusanagi - 09/11/06 - Even More Updates
A ton of more custom colored linearts thanks to Homeless. Today they are Bergelmir M, Bergelmir (Ansuz, Uruz, and Thurisaz), Blowel, Blowel Custom, Demon Golem, Duraxyll, Eulid, Garoika, Grassidow Ryu, Graph Drone, Calleyzed, Persoenlichkeit, Lestgrunch, Wizoll, Wizoll Kai, and another Guarlion Custom. Once again, I've also filled out all of their profiles.

Orochi Kusanagi - 09/10/06 - More Profile Updates!
More colored linearts thanks to Homeless, again. This time they're Barrelion, Barrelion C, Barrelion V, Gespenst MK-II M (standard colors), Guarlion LB, Guarlion Custom (Leona, Tempest, and Thomas), Guarlion Trombe, Lion, Lion F, Lion V, Schutzwald (Radha's), Valsion, and Valsion Kai. I've also updated all of their profiles, and added one for Test Use Guarlion.

Orochi Kusanagi - 09/07/06 - Tons of stuff!
With a huge thanks to Homeless, I've added linearts for Wild Wuerger L, Wild Falken L, Huckebein EX, Huckebein 009, Huckebein Trombe, Huckebein MK-III Trombe, Grungust Kai, Gespenst Type-S, Gespenst MK-II TT, Alt Eisen Nacht, and Gespenst MK-II M (Katina and Kai's). I've also filled out their profiles more.

Orochi Kusanagi - 08/30/06 - More lineart
I added more lineart for Alt Eisen, R-1, R-2/R-2P, R-3/R-3P, SRX, Aile Chevalier, Cerberus, and Folka. Thanks to Zengar, I added a mecha page for Gab-L. I also fixed R-1 Kai's broken link.

Orochi Kusanagi - 08/28/06 - Tons of OGs lineart
I added lineart for MP Ashsaver, Compatible Kaiser, Gespenst Type-RV, ART-1, Armorlion, Mironga, Landgreez, and Sieguarlion.

Orochi Kusanagi - 08/22/06 - More Sprites
I added Granzon, Mirshrei Ach, Habakkuk, Ezekiel, and Zechariah to the sprites page.

Orochi Kusanagi - 08/08/06 - Original Generation!
In order to celebrate the NA release of Original Generation today, I added sprite rips from it. Make sure to buy the game!

Orochi Kusanagi - 07/20/06 - New LotE Linearts
I've added some new colored linearts for Falk, Jaohm, and Galguard thanks to Inquisitor Kurumi.

Orochi Kusanagi - 07/01/06 - One Year Anniversary
It's been a year since I created this site, and I must say that I am very pleased to see that it's grown this much already. I must thank all of the people who have contributed various things since then. You've all been a great help!

I've updated Soleares, Alegrias, Valsion, and Valsion Kai's profiles. I've also added pages for Astelion AX and Huckebein Servant.

Orochi Kusanagi - 06/20/06 - New Linearts
I've added a bunch of new linearts for Granzon, Valsione R, Eulicid, Guarlion, Astelion, and Altairlion.

Orochi Kusanagi - 05/27/06 - Aerogator Updates
I've updated the profiles for most of the earlier Aerogator units, and gave some of the Ach versions, and the Ezekiel variations their own pages. I've also added most of their sprites thanks to Nellum.

Orochi Kusanagi - 05/19/06 - LotE updates
I've updated the profiles for Duraxyl, Eulid, and Ismile.

Orochi Kusanagi - 05/09/06 - More Profile Updates
I've updated DaiRaioh, and Touma's profiles (with thanks to Blayd for providing some info on Touma). Thanks to Aussenseiter I added lineart for the D upgrade mecha, and Ialdabaoth. I also corrected some errors in the Choukijin section (zaku->jaku) thanks to Eis for explaining it to me. I also re-did the Choukijin section layout seperating the different classes, and lastly I updated Jakubuou's attacks thanks to Blayd and Wings of Words.

Orochi Kusanagi - 05/06/06 - Choukijin Updates
I've updated Buouki, Zakuouki, Buzakuou, and Zakubuou's profiles.

Orochi Kusanagi - 05/02/06 - OGs Updates
Thanks to Takeru Kyori, I've added updated profiles for the Original Generations stuff, and some of the A mecha. I've also added a profile for Armana (at the request of the guy that fails ;)).

Orochi Kusanagi - 04/29/06 - OGs Updates
I've updated profiles for Sieguarlion, ART-1, Landgreez, Ashsaver M, Excellence F, Excellence S, and Excellence C's profiles. For characters I've added the R folks, and updated the voice actors for Lefina, Radha, and Tenzan.

Orochi Kusanagi - 04/27/06 - More OGs Updates
I've added profiles for Sieguarlion, ART-1, and updated Excellence F, Excellence S, and Excellence C's profiles.

Orochi Kusanagi - 04/24/06 - SRW Original Generations
I've added new profiles for stuff from the newly announced PS2 game, SRW Original Generations. I've added mecha profiles for Compatible Kaiser, Armorlion, Mironga, and Gespenst Type RV. For characters I've added Kouta Azuma and Fighter Roa.

Orochi Kusanagi - 04/22/06 - More Profile Updates
I've updated Ganador, Strega, and Goliath's profiles. I've also added lineart of the R mechs thanks to seango.

Orochi Kusanagi - 03/10/06 - Small Profile Updates
I've added profiles for Sorpresa, Fylgja, Land Greez, and Laz Angrif. Expect more updates soon.

Orochi Kusanagi - 02/07/06 - New unit profiles
I've added profiles for Ashsaver, MP Ashsaver, and Vysaga. I've also updated my e-mail address, which can be found at the bottom of this page.

Orochi Kusanagi - 01/20/06 - LotE updates
I've added profiles for Jaohm, Gadifall, Falk, Solgady, and Zain. Also, thanks to raxis for submitting @3 art for Kusuha, Bullet, and Cobray, and thanks to seango for submitting art for Vayikra, Esream, Esream Rosh, Shemuel, Keiser Ephes, and Flickerei Geist.

Orochi Kusanagi - 12/21/05 - New Units
I've added Flickerei Geist, and Aries Geist profiles (which can be found under the misc section). I've also added some more @3 lineart from raxis.

Orochi Kusanagi - 12/10/05 - Profile Updates
I've updated Werkbau, and Bemidban's profiles, and also added more @3 lineart thanks to raxis.

Orochi Kusanagi - 11/28/05 - More @3 Line Arts
Thanks to raxis, I've added front, and rear linearts for Shin Koryuou, Dai Raioh, Bellzelute Brigandy, Granteed Dracodeus, and Arblade Custom.

Orochi Kusanagi - 11/18/05 - @3 Line Arts
I've added linearts, and profile updates for Dis Astranagun, Bemidban, Varuch Ben, Varuch Ishar, Varuch Baal, Jumorah, Devariim, and Banpreios. I've also added Shin Ryukoou pics thanks to raxis.

Orochi Kusanagi - 11/08/05 - D Profile Updates
I updated Ganador, Strega, and Forte Gigas' profiles. I also fixed some broken links.

Orochi Kusanagi - 10/31/05 - Lots of stuff
With a huge thanks to Eis, I'll be adding stuff to a lot of the mecha profiles. So far I've added various warships, Guarlion Custom "Mumyou", and Huckebein MK-II Commercial Type. I've also updated the profiles for R-1Kai, Banpreios, Arblade Custom, XN Geist, Aussenseiter, and Werkbau. More updates will come soon.

Orochi Kusanagi - 10/22/05 - Compact 3 Pics Complete
With yet another big thanks to Nellum, I've finished off the sprites for the C3 units and characters. The J villain portraits were also added. I've also updated Ialdabaoth's profile.

Orochi Kusanagi - 10/19/05 - More Sprites
Once again thanks to Nellum, I've added sprites for more of the Compact 3 mecha, and some of the character cut-in portraits.

Orochi Kusanagi - 10/18/05 - New Sprites
Thanks to Nellum, I've added new sprites for Zui Gadin, Albino Jaldabaoth, Orgon Tower, and the various Volrent colors.

Orochi Kusanagi - 10/10/05 - New J Enemies
Small update, but I added some more of the J Fury mecha in the misc section. There's only sprites for now.

Orochi Kusanagi - 09/29/05 - Compact 3 Mecha
Thanks to GaoGaiGar, I've added the Compact 3 mecha to the misc section.

Orochi Kusanagi - 09/17/05 - J Mecha Updates
I've updated the J section with the upgraded units, and added some more basic profiles for other J mecha.

Orochi Kusanagi - 09/11/05 - New Pics
I've updated Carvina and Shun's pics, and added the full body colored pics for Banpreios, Raioh, Soleares, and Werkbau.

Orochi Kusanagi - 09/05/05 - Profile Updates
I updated some profiles (Raiko Kai, Gouryu Kai, Magarga, Judecca, Astranagun, Zuphiroude, Aurgelmir, and Bergelmir), and I've also started correcting the Balmar unit's names.

Orochi Kusanagi - 08/30/05 - Meaning Updates
I corrected some mistakes in the dictionary section thanks to Shinn Asuka.

Orochi Kusanagi - 08/26/05 - D mecha updates
Thanks to GaoGaiGar, I've added profiles for some of the D mecha, and added some more meanings to the dictionary too. I've also added new sprites that Frost ripped.

Orochi Kusanagi - 08/25/05 - Tons of Dictionary Updates
I've added a lot of new entries into the dictionary thanks to a link that Yuu posted, and with some help from him, sirtao, Takeru Kyori, and Aslan. I've also updated Frost's sprite page, and updated DaiRaioh's profile.

Orochi Kusanagi - 08/20/05 - J Updates
I've added new profiles for the J mecha, and characters. The mecha can be found under the misc section.

Orochi Kusanagi - 08/19/05 - New @3 Sprite Rips
I've added Alegrias, and Dis Astranagun thanks to iron2000. I also Banpreios, DaiRaioh, Shin Koryuou, and Shin Ryukoou thanks to Frost. I've also created a page for other sprites that he has ripped here.

Orochi Kusanagi - 08/18/05 - More @3 Stuff
I've updated Raioh, Soleares, Varuch Baal, Varuch Ben, and Varuch Isher's profiles. I've also added Calico, Cobray, Hazal, Selena, Spectra, and Touma's portraits.

Orochi Kusanagi - 08/13/05 - @3 Stuff
I've added Calico, and Hazal to the characters page. Some new Balmar units have been added (Dis Astranagun, Vaikran, Varuch Baal, and Varuch Ben). Alegrias and DaiRaioh have also been added to their sections. Some minor updates on character profiles were done, adding their new themes. Banpreios' weapon section has been added too. Special thanks to iron2000 for his Raioh, Soleares, Vaikran, Varuch Ben, and Werkbau sprites. Also thanks to Aslan for the Varuch Baal sprite, Huckebein for his Shin RyuOuKi sprite, and Nabeshin for his R-Gun Rivale sprite.

Orochi Kusanagi - 08/08/05 - More D Updates
I fixed the broken image links for the heroes D mecha, and thanks to sirtao I corrected the spelling of the Ruina mecha and added their meanings to the dictionary. I also updated Werkbau's weapon profile again. Expect more @3 related updates soon.

Orochi Kusanagi - 07/25/05 - D Updates
I put up some new pages in the D section featuring the Ruina mecha. Also updated Werkbau and Gouryu Kai's weapon sections.

Orochi Kusanagi - 07/23/05 - @3 Originals Update
Today I updated the @3 original mecha profiles weapon sections. Thanks goes to Aslan for Gouryu Kai's final attack. I also corrected some mistakes found on several pages. 5 more days till @3 gets released!

Orochi Kusanagi - 07/20/05 - Minor Updates and Corrections
I updated the JAM Project page correcting Yoshiki Fukuyama's section thanks to Daba. I also fixed some misc errors that were on the mecha profile pages.

Orochi Kusanagi - 07/18/05 - Lots of Updates
Thanks to Eis and the SimChamber, I have updated a lot of profiles (Masoukishin, Einst, R Series, Angelg, Soulgain, Alt Eisen, Alt Eisen Riese, Weissritter, Rein Weissritter, and Valtor). I have also updated the Bergelmir and Cerberus Ignite's profiles with a bunch of various lineart.

Orochi Kusanagi - 07/15/05 - MX Section Updated
Thanks to Eis, I have updated all of the MX units profiles. I also added a new Altairlion CF mode pic that PsycheDiver sent in.

Orochi Kusanagi - 07/13/05 - New Section
Thanks to PsycheDiver, I have created a new section that describes JAM Project and their relation to SRW.

Orochi Kusanagi - 07/11/05 - More Corrections
Once again, thanks to Aslan I corrected the R Series model numbers, updated the R-2, R-2P, and SRX weapon sections, added the correct spelling for the Simurgh (and put its entry into the dictionary), and updated the Grungust's profile (also added a new lineart). In addition to that, I've added Sandi to the dictionary, and corrected Giada's surname thanks to sirtao. PsycheDiver also sent in a full body pic of Forte Gigas which I added to its profile.

Orochi Kusanagi - 07/10/05 - Misc Update
I've updated Hugo and Aqua's pics, and I made rear images for Garmraid and Cerberus. Thanks to Aslan, I also updated Daizengar, Valsione R, and Granzon's weapon sections, and updated Granzon's profile.

Orochi Kusanagi - 07/08/05 - Weapon and Dictionary updates
Thanks to Aslan, I've updated weapon profiles for several units (Hagane, Hiryuu Kai, Ryukoou, Shishin Shoukon Ryukoou, Bergelmir, Aurgelmir, Thrudgelmir, Astranagun, and Zuphiroude), and updated the dictionary with some new name meanings.

Orochi Kusanagi - 07/07/05 - New Profiles
Today I have updated the site with some very basic bare bones pages for the new @3 characters and mecha. I also added more mecha to the Choukijin page, and listed some of their attacks.

Orochi Kusanagi - 07/03/05 - Zakubuou Update
I've updated with pics of Zakubuou. Thanks to Beta, who sent me the pics.

Orochi Kusanagi - 07/01/05 - Website Opening
Hello, and welcome to the opening of my website, The Gate of Magus, which is dedicated to the Banpresto originals from the various Super Robot Wars games.

If you have a question, comment, wish to submit info, or have any corrections that should be made, then you can send an e-mail here.

Orochi Kusanagi
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