Aegis Plan - A plan created by the DC to use ether fluctuations to protect the entire Earth from a gravitational wave. It is powered by various microwave transmission facilities from the Moon. The shield was originally created to be used by Bian Zoldark and the DC to combat agaist the Aerogators. It was created by Professor Edomon, and was funded by Mao Industries.
Aerogators - The 7th fleet of the Balmar Empire that was sent to the Milky Way district to gather information on us.
AGX - Aerogators X, the code name for the Aerogator's machines.
AM - Armored Module. These are usually armored units capable of flight developed by the DC.
Ancestors - Led by Dr. Egret Fehu, they were awoken from the Earth's Cradle in the future. Their job is to avoid interference with humanity at all costs, and to watch over the rehabilitation of the Earth's environment.
Annihilation Engine - A perfected Black Hole engine. By combining matter with an equal mass of antimatter, it converts both entirely to energy. No wasted fuel, and everything is consumed.
Ashuari-Kreuzel - It's a development plant that creates new machines. Calvina was a member of it after she had retired. It was used by the Fury, and later destroyed in order to get rid of all evidence. Some of their data remained, which was used to create new machines.
Assault Dragoon - A series of machines developed by Freemont Industries.

Balmar Empire - An alien empire that conquers many worlds. They sent their 7th fleet to the Milky Way district in order to gather info on our mechanics and to stop us if we were deemed a threat to them.
Beater Service - A repair shop formerly ran by Cielo Beater. After he goes missing, Land takes over.
Black Hole Engine - A powerful but unstable engine created with EOT. Only the two original Huckebein's were installed with this.

C.U.B.E./X.E.N.O.N. - It's a mysterious energy source that was discovered by the Gadi Sword. Fairey was the researcher assigned to studying it. Helluga and Vort decided to use it for weapons, which is how the C.U.B.E./X.E.N.O.N. Engine was created.
C.U.B.E./X.E.N.O.N. Engine - It's an engine which utilizes that mysterious C.U.B.E./X.E.N.O.N. energy. It was first equipped in the Soul Lancer, an early CIS Variation. Several of them were produced. Fairey escaped from the Gadi Sword inside of Soul Lancer, and later used its C.U.B.E./X.E.N.O.N. Engine in Saijou Heavy Industries newest MWs.
CF - Cruise Form, used in the Altairlion.
Choukijin - The four super mechanical gods.
CIS Variation - Multi Walkers used by Gadi Sword. They're installed with CIS Engines. Soul Lancer is the earliest CIS Variation prototype.
Clacker Engine - This engine was created by Tesla Leicht labs. This is the engine that is used in most of the Grunust series. It was created with Earth technology and is entirely safe.
Cross Gate Paradigm system - Allows it to teleport and travel dimensions.
Cry Wolves - They're a former Earth Federation Special Forces group led by Albero Est. They were comprised of Gespensts, but were annihiliated during combat with the Devil Gundam.
Custos - The three animal machines created by Gan Eden to protect the Earth.
Cytron - An elementary particle that is the basis for the Fury's technology. It allows the exchange of information between humans and the machine. The method of using it this way is called "Cytron Control." If the pilot is extremely skilled, then it's possible to see into the near future.

DC - Divine Crusaders.
DCAM - Divine Crusaders Armored Module.
DF - Doll Form, used in the Altairlion.
DFC Suit - It's a special system that was developed to help with the TE Engine's controls. The DFC suit is required for the operator, and it looks like a swimsuit due to the amount of skin it exposes.
DGG - Dynamic General Guardian, a series of machines designed by Bian Zoldark.
Dimension Energy - Energy that controls time and space. It is obtained after gaining all 12 spheres.
DML - Direct Motion Link, used in the Daizengar. It allows the pilots movements to control the machine.
D.P.S. - Direct Projection System, used in the Ashcleef. It relays battle tactics and attack suggestions to the pilot.

Earth's Cradle - A hibernation facility created by the DC as part of the Ark project. The Ancestors and their machines guard it, and Meigas controls it. Three of the people involved in this project were Sophia Nate, Egret Fehu, and Zengar Zonbolt.
Einst - An ancient alien race that claims to be the original watchers of the Earth.
EOT - Extra Over Technology. Alien technology found from Meteor 3.

Far Eastern Base - SRX team planning base.
Fremont Industries - Developer of the Assault Dragoon series.
Fury - An alien race that was defeated in an interstellar war over 4 billion years ago. They escaped to the planet that would later be known as Earth, and their ship became the Moon after the long period of time.
Fury Holy Knight Group - They're a special group that was formed to protect the Fury from threats. There are four classes of Knights, and they are Subordinate, Semi-Knight, Knight, and Representative Knight.

G-Field - Because of the Gravicon system, it allows it spread a gravitational field.
Game System -
Gau-Ra Fury - A gigantic ship that is used by the Fury. After 4 billion years, it became the Earth's Moon. Its functions were lost with the defeat of Zui Gadin, since it was used as its control center.
Gravicon System - Gravity Controller.
Guests -

Halloween Plan - It's a Gespenst strenghtening plan that was developed by Kai Kitamura and Guilliam Jaeger.
HOS Jammer -

Inspectors -

Jacket Armor -

La Giars -
Lace Arcana System - A system that allows the user to channel astral energy, which in theory will supply it with an infinite ammount of energy. It is unstable though, and may have a chance of going berserk.
Laplace Computer - A special computer installed on the Cybuster. Once activated it allows it to use its full power possesion mode, and features abilities such as predicting the future.
Larseilam - A special type of equipment that's installed on high ranking Fury machines. It's able to freeze enemy units, which is useful in battle. It was developed off of the technology used for the Fury's frozen sleep. Only the Granteed, Coustwell, and Bellzelute are installed with a special device to neutralize its effects.
Lazumunanium - It's a special material that was developed by Dr. Mitarl Zapad. It allowed AI1 to evolve the Medius Locus when it was combined with the power of the TE Engine.

Machine Cells - They are self-organizing, self-repairing cells. They're similar but still distinctly different from nanomachines. If they're injected into a human, it'll allow them to live for a very long time. They also have the ability to transform and enhance machines.
Machinery Children - They were created by Egret Fehu and were injected with machine cells. They are the guardians of the Earth Cradle.
Magnate Ten - Magnate Ten, or MX is the group's official title in SRW MX. MX can also stand for MODEL X.
Mao Industries - Owned by Rin Mao, she leads the company and works along side the Tesla Leicht labs in order to create the PT and RT series.
Meigas - Dr. Sophia Nate after being injected with machine cells from Egret Fehu in an attempt to control her by linking her to the Meigas system.
Meteor 3 - Sent down to the Earth from the Aerogators, it was hidden and disguised so that the Earthlings wouldn't realize that it was their final weapon. It is also the source of EOT.
Moon's Cradle - An ancient hibernation facility built by the DC as part of the Ark project. It was meant to perserve the populace and to power the Aegia Project with its microwave transmitters. It was taken over by Mao Industries.
Multi-Walker - A type of machine used by the Gadi Sword and Saijou Heavy Industries.

Nendou Field - A psychic field generated by the T-Link.
Neue Waerter - The second version of the group. They were formed six months after the original's disbandment.
North American Langley base - ATX team planning base.
Nuclear Fusion Reactor - A safe and stable reactor that replaced the Huckebein 008L's Black Hole engine.

Orgone Extractor - It's able to extract Orgone energy, and use it as a source of fuel. It also makes it possible to generate the Orgone Cloud effect, which is a barrier, and allows for teleportation. Only high ranking Fury machines are equipped with one.
Orihalcon - A rare metal found from La Giars.

Personal Fighter System - A special core block system the allows the Core Fighter to dock into the machine. It was first featured in the Huckebein MK-II.
Project Idealants - The purpose of this project was to create an ideal human that will lead mankind, thus Project Idealants. Although the project was originally halted, lead scientist Dr. Ozunu secretly continues with it, resulting in the creation of two Idealants, Ariel Org and Duvan Org. Although Idealants have superior physical and mental capability, their lifespan exceeds no more than 3 years.
Project TD - A DC project developed for space exploration.
Project Tsentr - An EF funded government to create a self-reliant next-generation weapon. This project is headed by Dr. Mytyl Zapat, using the free Terminus Energy and the self-repairing Lasmunanium alloy. The culmination of the project is of course, MODEL-X, but we never see that since concerned "mother" Erde feeds him lead.
Psychodriver - Special people with psychic powers. They can range from predicting the future to using telekinesis. They can amplify their powers by using the T-Link system.
PTX - Personal Trooper X, the code name for the Gespenst series and its sister machines. Developed by Mao Industries and Tesla Leicht labs.

Quantum Wave Engine -

RPT - Mass Produced Models.
RTX - Real Trooper X, the code name for the Huckebein series.

Shadow Mirror - An organization that came from another dimension. They planned to take over the Earth by joining up with the DC remnants.
Shura God - It's the type of machine that the Shura Army uses. They run off of the pilot's life energy, which means that they vary in power depending on the pilot. They have many unknown qualities to them, and feature some unique features such as the ability to apotheosize into a more powerful version.
Simple Input System - It allows the machine to read the pilots thoughts and brain-waves which lets it respond better then a normal machine. It was first featured in the Soldifar.
Six Slaves -
Spheres - A mysterious thing that Asakim is looking for. Two of them are equipped on the Gunleon and Gunnery-Carver, and react to the users emotions. Gunleon's is "The Lion Full of Wounds" and the Gunnery-Carver's is "The Maiden of Sorrow." The person who resonates with the sphere will suffer a loss of life slowly in order to gain such power, such as Setsuko's loss of senses. Although in Mail's case it revived her from death, but it did stop her aging process. 12 spheres exist, and the people that awaken to their powers as its user are supposed to fight in "The Holy War," which spans dimensions according to Asakim. When the owner is killed by another person, it passes on to them. The powers obtained by gaining all 12 are unknown.
SRX - Super Robot X.
Sympathia System - It allows one to control their machine by moving on their own. If two pilots both have the Sympathia system, it will allow them to link their thoughts up and synch mentally.

TE Absorber - It's a special type of unit that is equipped with the TE Engine.
TE Engine - It's power comes from the four fundamental forces of nature; gravity, electromagnetic force, strong nuclear force, and weak nuclear energy, forming Terminus Energy. The TE Engine is short for Terminus Energy Engine.
Tesla Drive - Created by Tesla Leicht labs, this booster was created to allow units to move faster and to fly. Its cheap cost makes it very efficient. Later a more power Tesla Drive is created.
Tesla Leicht Laboratory - The original creator of the Grungust series, and creator of the Tesla Drives. They're located in the USA and have worked alongside Mao Industries to produce the PT series and to supply Tesla Drives.
The Lion Full of Wounds - The sphere installed on the Gunleon.
The Maiden of Sorrow - The sphere installed on the Gunnery-Carver.
T-Link - The Telekinesis Link system was created to allow Psychodriver's to use their psychic energy to power up their machines. It amplifies their power and also draws other psychics to the user.
Trailers - It's a general term for the type of people whose occupation is transporting goods and doing other odd jobs. They lost support from the government after the development of the colonies cooled down. Because of this, they also take on mercenary-like jobs now. Some are now considered space pirates due to their nature.
Trombe - Elzam's horse, and also what he calls all of his red and black custom units.
Tronium - A mineral source that was discovered by Ingram at Meteor 3. It was proven to be an alien energy source that is ten times radioactive than uranium.
Tronium Engine - An engine created with Tronium, a legendary material. Machines that use this are extremely strong, but tend to be unstable. Only 6 chunks of Tronium have been found.

Uranus System - This is a perfected T-Link system that is only activated when the Psychodriver pilot has an overload of power. It allows enhanced abilities and powers. If used though, it may cause the pilot brain damage due to being connected to it and suffering from a mental overlead.

Valkyrie series - A sucessful and long series of mass produced units created by Z&R Industries.
Valstork Family - They are the family of Trailers led by Blessfield Ardygun. They are in possession of the battleship known as Valstork, and a transformable unit called Valhawk. They've gone bankrupt over 35 times, and have poor management. When they face their 36th bankruptcy, they help by transporting things around the Earth sphere. They consider themselves to be true Trailers, like those from many years ago.

Waerter - It's a group that was named by Heinrich von Freeman. There are several groups that are members of it, such as the Valstork Family, GGG, Space Knights, and Mithril. They were able to defeat many enemies, but were disbanded after the loss of GaoGaiGar and Nadesico. They were unable to prevent the Bloody Valentine incident, due to interference from other enemies, such as the Radam and the Evoluders, which caused them to lose Tekkaman Blade, too. They were soon attacked by The Database, which resulted in the current Captain of the Valstork, Blessfield Ardygun, to be sent into the past.
Zankantou - A special sword used by the Grungust Sanshiki and Zengar. It has machine cells which allow it to grow much larger then normal.
ZEUTH - A group formed to fight for the peoples freedom. It stands for Z Emergency Union of Terrestrial Human.
Zol Orihalcon - Refined Orihalcon.
Z&R Industries - Developer of the Valkyrie series.
Zuphiroude Crystal - The crystal contains an autonomous metal cell that can become the core energy. A unit equipped with this can self evolve and self reproduce.